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Affiliate marketing without a website

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When it comes to affiliate marketing, Instagram is the best way to do this type of marketing.

Because you can gather the largest number of audience and people who are completely interested in your topics that you post through the hashtag system.

Also you can put 30 hashtags in each post but the statistics proved that with 11 hashtags you can get the best result.

But this is not the only reason why Instagram is the best. Below I will indicate the reasons why Instagram is more important and better than its competitors:

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms and according to the statistics taken, Instagram has the potential to grow by about 8% per month.
According to Force Magazine, Instagram is one of the most convenient and popular social media
Working on them is very simple

Here are also some interesting statistics about Instagram:

According to media sources, marketers ‘ revenues will reach one billion dollars by the end of 2017
These revenues amounted to 2.4 billion dollars in 2019
60% of marketers believe that Instagram is one of the best platforms to attract an audience and fans
The number of people on Instagram is about 700 million people
Almost 400 million people use Instagram every day
Every day, almost 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram
Almost 2 billion photos are also liked every day
So far almost 40 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram
Posts with at least one hashtag have a 6% chance of attracting followers
Videos on Instagram are twice as likely to attract fans compared to other social media platforms
We conclude from this that everyone who wants to succeed in earning and affiliate marketing without a site should take advantage of the possibilities and advantages of Instagram.

E-mail marketing services

In this way you can promote your affiliate links and affiliate marketing and you will not need your own website.

People can also click on your affiliate links in your emails and can go directly to the merchant’s website to purchase products.

Your email should contain an introduction about the product you are promoting and your affiliate links.

Try to make your emails pleasant and concise.

You should also try to expand your contact list. Use as many ways as possible to get the email addresses of new people.

Use online forums, chat forums, make new friends.

Your email list should also contain a few hundred contacts, at least.

But don’t spam don’t send emails to people who don’t know about you or don’t want to receive your emails.

Otherwise, only your emails will be blocked and your contacts will be lost.

As I said your emails should be fun to get the reader’s attention.

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