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Creating websites does not require a lot of experience or prior knowledge of design or coding, but it needs some basics that must be followed, namely:


Domain registration:

The domain expresses the address of your site, which gives you independence in your work. It also helps others to learn more about your business and its fields.


Enter information about the current activity:

Entering information is based on completing 3 main steps about the business:


Add contact information – hosting-and Web page design.


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Add contact information

Add the contact information of the company, its headquarters and the services provided through it in fact. Once this step is completed, you will have a website.


Now you can browse your site. After completing the three main steps, you will find that the platform has created 4 main pages:


(Home page-about us, Services and contact).


You can leave your site as such without editing or making changes that you deem appropriate, such as: (adding more pages – changing images – fonts – and colors).



Hosting is carried out through multiple networks of computing units connected to the internet via broadband channels, where there are many types of web hosting, including:


To create a free website in minutes, you must subscribe to the monthly services provided by hosting companies such as Godaddy or one of the other hosting companies. Or use hosting that provides part of an integrated package from several companies, such as: (Shubvi – Tilda – Weekly – My Store).


Web page design

Once you have selected your domain name and web hosting, you can start creating a web design and you can hire a web developer or do it yourself.


Using the site programming mechanism to create pages, choose the appropriate colors, links and other site attributes.


Various programming mechanisms of sites teach different possibilities and features , including:


A WordPress system that allows building a high-quality website by working with various design templates.


One of the most important and high-quality templates is the Divi template provided by ElegantThemes companies.


Other programming mechanisms such as Weebly and Tilda also allow building visual systems to help the user build the site themselves.


My Store is also a little different because it provides high-quality ready-made sites built on the WordPress platform

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