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Definition of content marketing

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Facebook Instagram and other content, have you not happened to wander around websites or social media like Facebook and other content.


And one of the articles talked about the best video games of 2019 This article will arouse the enthusiasm of users to purchase one of the above games.


For example, when watching a certain TV series, you will notice that everyone in the series carries the same type of mobile phone to attract them.


The viewer’s attention motivates him to buy this product, and the quality of the hero’s Watch may also attract some viewers “brand attention” and other wearing habits.


Therefore, we can define content marketing as any free strategic marketing method that publishes valuable, purposeful and consistent content (both audio and read).


Its purpose is to indirectly sell various goods and services.


When a company produces and provides educational or entertainment content to customers for free ; it applies the rule of providing benefits before benefits.


Which allows customers or beneficiaries to make purchasing decisions easily without hesitation, and allows the company to compete with other competing companies.


The importance of content marketing

The idea of content marketing is based on an advanced basis, completely different from the traditional marketing methods that have become a ballet of our time.


Namely, relying on traditional settlement activities alone can bring a high percentage of sales, mostly advertising activities.


However, due to the intense competition between companies, most industries and spheres have now changed.


The art of content marketing was later born, especially in developed countries.


Relying on this type of marketing, the company has achieved a variety of marketing goals, including:


Improved organic coverage.

Familiarizing customers with the products and services provided by the company and how to use them.

Increase conversion rate and increase sales volume.

Build strong relationships with customers and earn their trust.

Spread brand awareness.

Reduce marketing costs in the long run.

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Types of content marketing

One of the common definitions of shopping is that it is any content that adds real value to consumers and is associated with goods or services .


And this concept is absolutely no different from E-Marketing. So dear readers, here are some examples of content marketing:


Video clips

When you open a video on YouTube, you will notice that an ad appears before the video starts.


Such videos are called “curved”. Such advertising is considered a kind of marketing .


Because this idea is considered one of the simplest and most successful advertising campaigns offered on the internet.


Also you can use this method in the first step of learning marketing .



The genre is spreading with the proliferation of audio-specific sites such as “Sound Cloud“.


It may seem strange at first glance, but this genre educates the audience about the product or service path in a different way.


You can use this genre as a great new way to communicate with visitors and interested people, and you can also host some famous and influential people that people trust to build your website.


Content marketing has been considered one of the most important types of marketing in recent times after the technological development that the world is witnessing.

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