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Explanation of the Get like website

The explanation of the get like website revolves around the fact that it is a Russian-made platform, designed with easy conditions that allow everyone to enter it.


The principle of the site’s work is based on the implementation of tasks posted by others, and they are either to follow a person, put a like or comment.


Where you choose from the tasks posted by users, which are summarized by following, liking, and others on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others.


You can also set tasks for others to do. And you earn from each task that you perform a certain percentage of profit that we can count more than other other platforms.


Also, through the Get like website, you can promote your page or personal account on social networking sites.


On the other hand, this site promises a degree of credibility that will enable you to withdraw your accrued profits with confidence.


How to register on Get like

How to register on Get like is not difficult, but first when you enter the site you will find that the page is written in Russian. So if you prefer another language, you can choose English, which is the only other language available, and you can find it at the top right of the page.


Since the way to register on the Get like Website is easy, you can follow the following steps to register:


Open the Chrome browser on your personal computer.

Enter the Getlike website by typing it in the search box at the top of the screen.

Tap one of the two languages (Russian or English) at the top right of the screen.

Tap register now (sign up) in front of you on the left of the screen, or if you have a pre-account on (sign in) at the top right of the screen.

When you click on (sign up) it will take you to another screen from which choose (registration), because you do not have a previous account on the site.

Write your personal account, and the site here does not oblige you to link your account on the site to any other account, you can write any email you want.

Enter the password you need, and then retype it for confirmation in the box below the password box.

Press (I’m not a robot) to confirm that you are a real person.

Now that you have finished the registration steps click on “sign up”, to take you to your personal page that you have created.


How to work on get like

After you have completed the registration procedures and have an account on the site, you need to learn steps that guide you on how to work on the site. These steps are as follows:


From the top right of the screen tap on your profile icon.

Then after that, click on Add Account “Add an account” at the top of the sidebar located on the left of the screen.

Here you will be asked to add an account from one of the following sites to be able to interact through them (Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte, Telegram, TikTok, or Odnoklassniki).

After choosing one of the programs you will be asked to link the site to the account through the link of your account on it, and here you need to write the link accurately and carefully.

After entering the account link, click on the link and you will see a blue list of tasks.

Click on each task to complete it and the site will take you directly to your chosen account in order to complete it.

Then after completing the task, press the back button and you will find that the task marker is colored green.

Click on the green marker to check that you have completed the operation, so that the money you earned turns into your wallet and is not lost.

The last step is very important, as by implementing it you ensure that your profits are saved and accumulated.

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