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How much are the points of the Sweatcoin walking program worth

1 us dollar bill

How the sweatcoin app works

At first the app was only tracking external steps using your phone’S GPS Global Positioning System.

This is to confirm that these steps are real and this was draining the battery and converting the steps incorrectly. But nowadays it has been transformed into a more advanced algorithm.

There is no longer a need for GPS GPS data. They calculate internal steps and step conversion rates of about 90%, so a person can get 0.95 points per 1000 steps . And after earning some points they can save them or exchange them for bonuses.

Knowing that these bonuses change daily where you can buy many things, such as shoes, digital watches and electronics, and use them in various paid applications.

How much are Sweatcoin walking program points worth

Sweet coin is not a scam app as some have accused it, and what you earn through the steps has value.

The points of The Walking program can be calculated by direct withdrawal, since each point in Sweet Coin is equal to 0.0137, that is, if you accumulate 1000 points, you will get 13.7 dollars, and until you get 50 dollars, you should accumulate about 3650 points in the walking program.

The things or services that you can buy through the Sweet Coin app vary depending on your location.

And you can have a wide range of options, for example, you can buy beauty products, headphones or other things through Sweet Coin. You can also get discounts on online lessons.

Sweet Coin also provides Amazon and PayPal shopping coupons. And through Sweet Coin you can buy the products you want at a low price.

Through Sweatcoin you can get things for hundreds of dollars. Such as gift cards and smart watches, which cost hundreds of dollars at auction, but these things, of course, require a large amount of Sweetcoin.

How to get money from The Walking application

After we found out how much the Sweatcoin walking program points are worth It is worth considering how to get money from this application, due to the multiplicity of methods provided by the application, which boil down to the following:

Financing: investors provide funds to the application to support its growth, and in return they receive a share of the company.
Brand partners: app rewards come from brands that pay the app to serve ads on the app. This is mainly because it is a highly specialized advertising platform.
Premium membership: newly added in 2021 and customers can pay USD 4.99 per month. This is equivalent to 24.99 US dollars per year, getting many privileges.
Ads: it is a feature known as the in-app daily bonus that gives you a random number of points before you see an ad, and you can earn some money for watching one of them.
Working with governments and insurance companies: this leads to more physical activity with the aim of developing communities and reducing health risks.
How to get money from a walking application

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