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Successful small business ideas in Tunisia

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Unemployment rates in Tunisia have increased to include all age groups, even university graduates and holders of higher degrees are now demanding their right to work.

But the state is unable to meet all their demands due to deteriorating economic growth and trade deficit.

This prompted most young people to think about owning a small and profitable enterprise that would generate a stable income to cope with life’s difficulties.

It is important not so much that this project fits your academic qualifications, but that it is honest, profitable and successful.

However, the challenge that most of them face after capital is the difficulty of finding a successful idea.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to highlight some ideas of profitable, inexpensive and highly demanded projects in Tunisia.

The idea of the project of selling modern electronic devices

Trading in modern electronic devices is one of the most successful projects in Tunisia, which does not require large capital.

Where you can start selling smartphones and accessories, and then include the necessary maintenance parts to increase profits.

You can also sell small electronic devices that are especially needed at home and that families cannot do without at all.

To increase the percentage of sales and profits, we advise you to choose your store in a lively place with a large number of visits, and then market your project via the internet and various social networks.

The idea of a project selling vegetables and cereals

The idea of a project to sell vegetables and fruits may not appeal to these young people with scientific degrees because they aspire to other projects of greater prestige and value, according to their scientific skills.

But this idea is the most suitable and optimal for a large segment of people.

On the one hand, this project can be implemented with minimal costs, and on the other hand it will bring the expected income several times, because the merchant gets vegetables at wholesale price and then sells them at retail. And the difference in the price per kilo can reach more than 60%.

The demand for these presented products (vegetables) is also growing as people of various categories buy them on a daily basis . Even if their prices rise, which helps to increase their profit margin.

The idea of the project of importing clothes from Turkey

The idea of a project to import clothes from Turkey is one of the best successful small projects in Tunisia, which is a traditional project, but at the same time it is listed as one of the most successful projects in Tunisia.

Clothing is an essential and necessary product for everyone, since it cannot be dispensed with in any way. And Turkish products in particular are the most suitable in terms of high quality, low import price, high profit margin and good quality.

The reputation of Turkish clothing in our markets even if tastes and purchasing capabilities differ, the Fever will be only on these products that are sweeping the markets in a sudden way.

So take this opportunity and try to enter the world of import and do not hesitate. Because the idea of importing clothes from Turkey is the most suitable idea for you in terms of profitability, risk ratio and ease of distribution.

All you need to implement your project is to rent a shop in a suitable area and stock it with imported products.

If you want to start a clothing trading business with minimal costs, you can work on Facebook.

This idea is not new, it has already been proven and many people have made good profits with it because they will not pay rent or expenses but only the price of goods and marketing.

The project of importing clothes from China

The project of importing clothes from China, Turkey and other European countries and selling them in the local Tunisian market is one of the best and very profitable and cheap small business ideas in Tunisia.

Where the project costs only the price of products. According to the imported quantity plus shipping and customs costs.

Then work on your inbound marketing, online, especially social networks, without additional costs.

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