The largest air cargo companies in the world

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Air cargo companies have made a big revolution in the world of transporting goods and money around the world, they are considered a safe and fast way for many traders, customers, and money holders. Moreover, it has become one of the most and best methods used to transport goods, despite its high costs compared to land and Sea shipping methods.

Below we will touch on the largest air cargo companies in the world in terms of their costs and the services they provide to their customers.

DHL company

DHL is one of the oldest, most famous and largest air cargo companies in the world, as it specializes in the field of logistics, it has added a lot to this field.
This company was established more than fifty years ago, and has since achieved wide fame in all fields of shipping, air, land and sea within a short period, as it has been honored with several international awards.
The German company DHL serves more than 220 countries around the world.

DHL company services

This company provides many services, the most important of which we will mention:

Shipment of commodity materials, goods, parcels.
It also carries out air, land and sea cargo operations.
It also ships goods by rail.
DHL also tracks the shipment of goods.
Advantages of DHL International Company
Why you should choose DHL company A lot of advantages await you if you choose DHL company. The main ones are:

Since it is an old and world-famous company, this means that it has the great and accurate experience, in the field of cargo and cargo transportation, at record speeds.
DHL also has a very large airline fleet. It includes almost 250 aircraft, as well as more than 40 thousand vehicles around the world.
They also rely on qualified and excellently trained representatives to deliver to the door of the House.
Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes it as a shipping company is its ability to track your shipment through an instant tracking number, which can identify the location of the shipment for the duration of shipment, in addition to how long you expect the shipment to arrive.
DHL provides additional insurance and protection for high-value and precious goods.
If you live in Europe, this means that the shipping time of your goods will not exceed two days. If you are outside Europe, you will have to wait for about four days.

Shipping rates from DHL

There are several factors that affect the shipping price, namely:

The difference of the type of goods shipped.
As well as the place from which the goods will be transported.
Especially the quantity of the product or goods.
In addition to the shipping method.
The data required for registration on the DHL website.
Perhaps the most annoying thing for customers is the large amount of data that the site requires to register and conduct the shipping process.
Shipping procedures via DHL
If you are sending a specific shipment to any place and have chosen DHL shipping company, you are required to the following data:

Registration for individuals: the registration of your data as an individual is represented by:

User Name (Your Name).
Your e-mail address.
Office phone number.
Your phone number.
Registration of companies: if you own a certain shipping company through this company, you must say that by registering your details your company. Which are represented by:

The name of your company.
Also the company’s activity.
The address of the company’s headquarters.
The postal address of the company.
The company’s website.
Especially the name of the company director
The nature of work in the company.
The main headquarters of the export branch.
The import headquarters.

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