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Amazon recently launched the Amazon Prime service, where this service allows subscribers to ship the commodity items they order for a monthly or annual subscription, free or almost free, in addition to taking advantage of audio, video and song services, in particular games.

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The cost of the Amazon Prime service

The Amazon Prime feature provides three subscription categories, namely:

Free subscription

You can activate this service and subscribe to it for free, for a period of 30 days from the start of the subscription, as this period is considered a trial period. After that, you can either decide to continue subscribing or cancel the service.

Paid subscription

After you decide to continue the subscription, you can pay an annual subscription, the amount of which is about$12.99. Or you can pay a reduced annual subscription in the amount of$119.

That is, when you choose an annual subscription you will save about$ 36.88 per year.

A special subscription for university students

Perhaps the most important feature of this service is that it gives university students who have an email address ending with the suffix .edu two subscription features of their own.

Discounted subscription where they pay only half the value. That is, when choosing a monthly subscription, they will pay about$ 6.49 or$ 59 for an annual subscription.
The second advantage for university students is the trial period preceding the paid subscription. Since this period is about 6 months.

Advantages of Amazon Prime service

As mentioned earlier, the Prime service offers many advantages in several areas. Among them are:

Charging features

Free shipping: Amazon Prime subscribers can request free shipping for two days. For many commodity items they buy from the site. But some of these goods are not covered by this feature, in this case they can ship for free, but it will take a maximum of two additional days. It is one of the most important advantages of Amazon Prime shipping.

Free delivery: if you live in an area where the ZIP Postal coding system is supported, through this system you can benefit from the delivery of your order within a maximum period of two days.

In case you order a certain item before it is announced. You will exceptionally get the possibility to deliver this item on the actual date of its announcement itself.

Prime Now service: this service is available in areas where the ZIP Postal coding system is available. Through this service, you can get free delivery within a maximum of two hours for many commodity items, including electronic items and food.

Amazon Locker and Amazon Hub: in case you bought something from the site, but you can’t put it in the office or deliver it to your home. You can easily put it in a safe and designated place.

Shopping features

Amazon Dash service: this feature gives its subscribers various categories of Dash buttons, as this is a simple way through which you can book an order. And just by pressing the Dash button, on the other hand you will get a lot of commodity items such as snacks and household cleaners.

Prime Early Access service: this feature allows Amazon Prime subscribers to view the most important business operations that will happen on Amazon, about half an hour before it is presented to Amazon subscribers.

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